Food & Herbal Classes from Thoreau Foods

Learn how to use only real whole food ingredients in your recipes for anything that goes into or onto your body. We offer both Group and Individual classes throughout the year.

Group Classes

Sports and Smoothies
Fall Cleansing Drinks
Infused Oils and Natural Products
Herbs for Athletes

One on One Sessions

Raw in the House - Eat "Rawly" Well 1 session $85
Preserve your Summer Harvest 2 sessions $150
Combo: Raw Food & Fitness 4 sessions $260
Raw in Training - Recipe Development 6 sessions $372


About Our Classes

Classes are taught by Susan Allison or other representatives from Thoreau Foods. For more detailed descriptions of our food classes, go to the Class Details Page. Classes are also available at your location. Schedule a Private Home Party with 5 or more participants and the host attends for free. Call Susan at 978-266-8973 to schedule a convenient Home Party.