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Muesli, Chia Seeds, and Raw Foods

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Thoreau Foods Muesli

Supercharge Your Breakfast!

Mom always said, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day". And she was right. At Thoreau Foods, we take that to heart and offer you a line of super charged Mueslis that are high in Omega 3's, Fiber, Protein, and Antioxidants. Our cereals are delicious and nutritious. We use real, whole grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and spices to bring you a power packed breakfast muesli that provides you with sustained energy throughout your morning.

Thoreau Foods uses Chia Seed in all its products.

Marti Shea, 4 time Mt. Washington Hill Climb Champion and 7 time winner of Newton's Revenge, says "I eat my Thoreau Foods Vanilla muesli everyday to give me a healthy start to my day and because it tastes great! In the summer I have with yogurt and in the winter I make it as hot oatmeal.It fills me up, gives me energy to stay alert and focused on work and makes me feel great about what I am putting into my body."

Chia seeds in bowl

Chia Seed - Today's Ancient SuperFood

A Nutrient Dense Living Food

- High in Omega 3s - High in Protein - High Fiber - Low Glycemic Index - Gluten Free - No Grinding necessary

Nature's Best Kept Secret for Weight Control!

Add whole chia seed to almost any food, or as a gel in your recipes, to your smoothies, or with lime, water and agave to make an everyday hydrating drink for long lasting energy, endurance, and nutrition

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Take charge of your health with this ancient Super Seed!

Raw Foods Chef/Educator

As Raw Chefs & Educators, we love the Chia Seed and see tremendous benefits with it for diabetics, athletes, those struggling with weight, and those of us trying to achieve optimal health.

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