Learn about the benefits of living foods and how preparing your own healthy food is good for your body and for your budget. Sign up for (or include) one of our classes now and be empowered to take charge of your health. All ingredients used for classes are certified organic or wild harvested for optimal nutrition, taste and ecological reasons. We offer both Group and Individual classes.

Group Classes

Our group classes can be run stand alone or part of a Retreat/Outing. We can run our group classes in the evenings or during the day - your choice. There is a minimum class size of 6 participants.

Sports and Smoothies

In Sports and Smoothies, we will learn how to make hardy drinks that can be used for a meal or as a large snack. You will learn to prepare pre- and post-exercise and sports recovery drinks to satisfy even the most discriminating of palates combining vegetables, fruits, and superfoods into delicious and satisfying drinks. Nuts will be included in some but not all of our recipes. Ingredients that will be used in our recipes include fresh coconut milk and coconut water, almond milk, super foods such as ashwaganda, maca, chia, cacao powder, cacao beans, sea vegetables and more. We will combine alkalizing greens, beets, fruits, sprouts and other REAL food ingredients that add high quality protein, fat, and carbohydrates to your drinks. Expect to learn delicious and nutritious ways to fill you and your family up while gaining energy and stamina at the same time. Sample recipes include a macadamia vanilla coconut shake, a sports recovery drink that is full of vitamins and minerals, and a "green: breakfast drink to start your day. This class is appropriate for growing kids and athletes of all ages. Plan to leave this class FULL along with recipes of the drinks that we will sample and additional recipes and resources. $10 materials fee is due to the instructor on the night of class.

Fall Cleansing Drinks

Spring and Fall are great times to do a cleanse. Learn how to make your own cleansing drinks using produce and herbs you will find right in your local grocery store and/or garden. We will focus on ingredients that are known to act as liver and kidney detoxifiers. We will also learn how to make cleansing soups and teas as well as green drinks that we will sample throughout the class. Plan to leave this class with several recipes and ideas to do your own cleanse. $10 materials fee is due to the instructor on the night of class.

Infused Oils, Natural Products

Learn how to make easy, inexpensive herb infused oils that can be used to make salves, creams, facial scrubs and more. During the class we will go through the herbal infusion procedure step by step so you can continuee to do this on your own long after the class. We will discuss the herbal properties of the ingredients that we will use as well as specific remedies that can be used to keep your skin young and healthy. Materials fee (value $10) included in the tuition.

Herbs for Athletes

Herbs can be used by all of us to increase endurance, decrease inflammation, and support our tissues while enjoying an active lifestyle. This class will provide an overview of specific herbs that will assist our bodies in maintaining the physical activity we love so much. We will learn about poultices and healing creams and talk about internal remedies as well as topical applications for dealing with acute and chronic injuries. Plan to leave this class with a healing salve. $10 materials fee is due to the instructor at the time of the class.

Individual One-on-One Sessions

Individual classes are hands on and take place in the convenience of your own home. We are located in Boxborough, MA and will drive up to 20 miles to your location. For those of you over our 20 mile radius, an additional fuel charge will be agreed upon. We have several packages to choose from - we will call you once you register to set up convenient dates and times.

Raw in the House - Eat "Rawly" Well 1 session $85
Learn about whole and raw food ingredients, supplies and kitchen set up, menu planning and sprouting. See how you can lose weight eating as much live food as you want. Includes resource materials, recipes, samples and sprouting kit.
Preserve your Summer Harvest 2 sessions $150
Intro to Food Preservation using the methods of Dehydration and Fermentation. Handouts are included as well as dehydrated and fermented samples in ball jar containers.
Combo: Raw Food & Fitness 4 sessions $260
Learn how to eat for optimum health - plan, buy and prepare Whole and Raw Foods. Learn about tastes, menu planning, dehydrating and sprouting. You help design the fitness component which can include Fitness Walking, Body Rolling, Resistance Work, Yoga, and more. Includes resource materials, recipes, samples, sprouting kit and resistance band.
Raw in Training - Recipe Development 6 sessions $372
Series includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Appetizers, Soups, and Desserts. Get hands-on experience preparing smoothies, juices, soups, sauces, dressings, fermented cheeses, dips, entrees, and desserts. Learn the science of raw foods. Complete with recipes specific to each session as well as resource materials, nut milk bag, and sprouting kit.
Raw Vegan Chef Services also available.
For more information or a customized package, please call Susan at 978-266-8973