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September 2005

Makers of Peak Performance Cereals, Oatmeal’s, and Smoothie Boosters that are high in Omega 3’s, Fiber, Protein, and Antioxidants. 10% off Coupon!

One half cup (3 oz) of Thoreau Foods Chia Power Cereal provides 12 grams of fiber.

One half cup of our Peak Performance cereals also provides about 2000 mg Omega 3s, 11 g protein, No added sugar, No wheat and is 95% organic.

As with all high fiber foods, be sure to consume plenty of fluids. For optimum benefit soak ½ cup cereal in ¾ cup liquid for 15 minutes to overnight before eating.

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Add fiber to your desserts:

Substitute 1/3 of the oats in your oatmeal cookies with your favorite flavor of Thoreau Foods Cereal. For a recipe, click here.

Add a ½ to ¾ cup of Thoreau Foods Cereal to your Apple Pie. For a recipe, click here.

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Thoreau Foods

“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.”

Henry David Thoreau

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Mom Always Said…

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. And she was right. At Thoreau Foods, we took that to heart and produced a line of super charged Peak Performance Cereals that are high in Omega 3’s, Fiber, Protein, and Antioxidants. Our ingredients are 95% organic which means no pesticides, chemicals, hormones or GMO’s. Our cereals are delicious and nutritious. We use real, organic, whole grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, herbs and spices to bring you a power packed cereal that provides you with sustained energy throughout your morning.

Focus on Fiber One hundred years ago, people consumed five to ten times the amount of fiber compared to today. Much of this has been due to increases in processed foods. The ADA recommends 20 – 35 grams of total fiber daily. One bowl of Thoreau Foods Chia Power Cereal provides you with a total of 12 grams of both soluble and insoluble fiber from whole food ingredients. The two types of fiber found in Thoreau Foods cereals are soluble which dissolves in water and insoluble which provides bulk. The soluble fiber has been found to be helpful in lowering cholesterol and managing diabetes while the insoluble fiber provides roughage to the digestion process and improves colon function.

According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, a diet high in soluble fiber, plant sterols, and almonds resulted in reductions in the LDL:HDL ratio equal to those found with Lovastatin treatment (1). Soluble fiber like that found in oat bran, chia seed and flax seed, all found in our cereal, is very viscous (gel forming) and when mixed with a liquid it creates a physical barrier slowing down the interaction between food and digestive enzymes. This results in lower blood sugar levels (low Glycemic Index) which is important in preventing and controlling diabetes as well as in weight control(2). In summary, fiber:

  • Assists in removing cholesterol and triglycerides from the body (3)

  • Improves bowel motility thereby maintaining regularity (4)

  • Assists in excreting toxins and heavy metals due to its binding properties

  • Decreases the risk of constipation, hemorrhoids and diverticulosis

  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease (5)

  • Helps stabilize blood glucose levels and provides a feeling of fullness (2)

1. Barclay, Laurie, M.D. JAMA. 2004;290:502-510, 531-533 Diet May Lower Cholesterol as Much as Statins 2. The New Glucose Revolution, The Effect of Fiber on the Glyemic Index, pgs 45 – 60 3...Biochemistry 2nd Ed., Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews, pg. 307. Pamela C. Champe, Richard A. Harvey 4. Spiller, Bruce B, GA, Klevay LM, Gallagher SK. J Am Coll Nutr. 2000 Feb;19(1):61-67 A Diet High in Whole and Unrefined Foods Favorably Alters Lipids, Antioxidant Defenses, and Colon Function 5. Wolk A, Manson JE, Stampfer MJ, et al. JAMA. 1999 Jun 2;281 (21):1998-2004. Long-Term Intake of Dietary Fiber and decreased Risk of Coronary Heart Disease Among Women

Where can you find our products?

Farmers Markets through the end of October:

Lexington Farmers Market – Tuesdays 2 - 6 pm

Brown Univ. Farmers Market Providence, RI Wednesdays 11 – 2 Map & Directions

Boxborough Farmer’s Market Thursdays 4 - 7 pm

Rt. 111, Boxborough, Bird House Garden Center

Milton Farmer’s Market Thursdays 1 - 6 pm

Wharf St., East Milton Square

Russell’s Garden Center Farmer’s Market Thurs. 1 – 6 pm

Rt. 20, Wayland MA directions

Groton Farmer’s Market Fridays 3 - 6

Maynard Farmer’s Market Saturdays 9 - 12 pm

Old Mill, Maynard Center

Natick Farmer’s Market Common, off Rt 27 Saturdays 9 – 1 pm

Throughout The Year:

Busa Farm, 52 Lowell St., Lexington, MA

Butterbrook Farms, Acton, MA , West Concord, MA

Green Fields COOP Greenfield, MA

Verrill Farm, Concord, MA

Continental Café, Spruce St., Acton, MA

Duck Soup Gift Baskets, Sudbury, MA

Pemberton Farms Gift Baskets, Cambridge, MA

Brown University Food Kiosks, Providence, MA

The Rising Tide, Kittery, ME ; Natural Grocer, Newburyport, MA

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